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Ancile PMO

Project Management Office As the Director of the Project Management Office, I created: New PMI-based graphical project management structure that links the PMI structure to Ancile documentation necessary to complete a project. Project dashboards (Excel). [screenshot] Projects Overview dashboard (Excel). [screenshot] These initiatives allow provide better upward communications and allow our development/ teams to have just-in-time information to … Continue reading Ancile PMO

ANCILE uGuide™

ANCILE’s latest product, uGuide brings simple and intuitive assistance to web applications. uGuide allows anyone to create and deliver customized support and enhanced “help” within practically any web application, providing your workforce with relevant, and highly effective guidance. uGuide was selected by TSIA as one of the three most innovative products for their Vision award. uGuide is … Continue reading ANCILE uGuide™

ANCILE uPerform®

ANCILE’s flagship product, ANCILE uPerform® focuses on bringing collaboration to the enterprise performance support workspace. uPerform builds on the experience of RWD Info Pak and adds a server component. uPerform has been selected by SAP as their preferred tool for performance support. This product also supports Oracle Financials, Siebel CRM, and PeopleSoft. This product is … Continue reading ANCILE uPerform®

RWD Info Pak®

Starting with a group of six developers and 4 testers, led a team that created a suite of tools, RWD Info Pak® now called ANCILE Info Pak®, that supported SAP implementations. Our suite of tools, based on Microsoft Office, allowed teams of trainers to quickly, easily, and consistently build procedural documentation as they performed transactions … Continue reading RWD Info Pak®

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