RWD Info Pak®

Starting with a group of six developers and 4 testers, led a team that created a suite of tools, RWD Info Pak® now called ANCILE Info Pak®, that supported SAP implementations. Our suite of tools, based on Microsoft Office, allowed teams of trainers to quickly, easily, and consistently build procedural documentation as they performed transactions within their SAP system. Author’s could then easily build out a electronic performance support library and link it into SAP’s help system to allow customized help to be delivered to a company’s end user communities.

Today, the Info Pak suite of tools supports over 25 languages and is used by over 1000 customers world-wide. The team of developers and testers was successfully grown to over 30 plus 26 developers and testers off-shore.

I was personally responsible for budget, schedule, delivery, and quality.

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