ANCILE uPerform®

ANCILE’s flagship product, ANCILE uPerform® focuses on bringing collaboration to the enterprise performance support workspace. uPerform builds on the experience of RWD Info Pak and adds a server component. uPerform has been selected by SAP as their preferred tool for performance support. This product also supports Oracle Financials, Siebel CRM, and PeopleSoft. This product is used by approximately 2700 new and existing customers

The desktop application provides the author with a unified document that contains both the procedural information and a simulation. The desktop portion of the suite comprises of two C# applications: a recorder and an editor. The recorder allows the author to accurately capture any Windows-standards-based application as they are using the application without any additional actions on their part. This allows the author to focus on performing the task rather than on ensuring the data gathering is going correctly. The editor renders the captured XML document and bundled graphics based on a template. The template allows a company to have a standard look and feel across multiple authors and organizations.

In addition to collaboration, the server brings workflow and content management. Once authors have completed editing documents, they upload the documents to the server’s document library. The server, built on Vignette’s Collaboration server, allows authors to version documents and perform complex workflows on each document in the system. The server, in conjunction with custom SAP software, provides the contextual help for our clients’ enterprise systems.

I was personally responsible for budget, schedule, delivery, and quality for first five releases.

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