ANCILE uGuide™

ANCILE’s latest product, uGuide brings simple and intuitive assistance to web applications. uGuide allows anyone to create and deliver customized support and enhanced “help” within practically any web application, providing your workforce with relevant, and highly effective guidance. uGuide was selected by TSIA as one of the three most innovative products for their Vision award.

uGuide is based in Microsoft’s Azure cloud with a JavaScript front-end. uGuide was built based on the Lean Startup model.

I served as Product Owner for the first release.

Ancile PMO

Project Management Office

As the Director of the Project Management Office, I created:

These initiatives allow provide better upward communications and allow our development/ teams to have just-in-time information to efficiently complete their work. The dashboards allow our senior management team to view project metrics at a high level and drill down if necessary to each project to gauge each project’s progress. The Project Web site has become a one-stop shop for all of our project documentation. The entire team knows that the latest templates for any project-related document is stored in this web site. In addition, experienced team members have developed short checklists for each area allowing newer team members to get a concise view into what to pay attention to in that area.